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Devil Within

DEVIL WITHIN is a psychological horror story that calls into question the sanity of the main characters. Written by Stephanie Phillips, drawn by Maan House, and colored by Dee Cunniffe, DEVIL WITHIN debuted in 2018 from Black Mask Studios. 

After moving into their new home in the Philippines, Sam and Michelle begin to experience strange events around the house. From reflections seemingly acting of their own volition, to the entirety of the kitchen's contents smashed on the floor, Michelle and Sam were unprepared to deal with the challenges of planning a wedding as well as a potential haunting. 


Issue 1 Cover A: Maan House (A) and Dee Cunniffe (C)

Issue 1 Cover B: Meghan Hetrick

Issue 1 Convention Variant: Emily Pearson

Issue 2.png

Issue 2: Maan House (A) and Dee Cunniffe (C)

issue 3.png

Issue 3: Maan House (A) and Dee Cunniffe (C)


Issue 4: Maan House (A) and Dee Cunniffe (C)

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